Reshaping Reality: How to make American Idol matter again

Rick Rubin - 2007 Once upon a time, there was a reality television show that ruled above the others. This show held such amazing numbers that some people thought it could never sour. Unfortunately for the people over at American Idol, all good things seem to come to an end. While the show has produced some remarkable singers, it’s also had more than a fair share of complete busts. Watching the show over the years you have started seeing repeat artists coming in for their second and third attempt at making it on the show. This year the winner was a girl who tried had failed to make a dent in the competition the previous two seasons. Continue reading


Stem Cell Therapy: Controversy to Cure

Image  There have been many ailments to come about in the medical field that people believed would be impossible to correct. In recent years there have been different breakthroughs that are allowing people to live longer lives than in the past. One of the more controversial treatments to come along in recent times is the use of stem cells to treat different diseases and deficiencies.( I’ve been a fan of this for a while myself, even more now that they are finding ways to get them without having to harvest them from embryos.(  

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Immigration Reform

Immigration Reform

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One of the biggest issues in the United States for the past few years has been immigration reform. There are many people who think that we should send anyone here illegally back home immediately. Another sect of the population would like to see a ruling that allows a full sweeping legalization of those here illegally currently, while making it easier for others to get in legally. I’ve been back and forth on the topic myself for a few years and feel as if I have finally stumbled across an idea that may help with this issue. Continue reading

A Star is Born

star-lotuleleiI’m a diehard Carolina Panthers fan, I have been since the day they were announced as an expansion franchise so many years ago. Over all those years I’ve seen some moments in the draft that I absolutely loved (DeAngelo Williams), moments I absolutely hated (Mike Seidman, because we skipped over Jason Witten), and moments that had me a bit confused (Luke Kuechly), but I always pay attention. This year we went in with a new GM and I had some pretty solid expectations out of this year’s draft class. The primary needs were cornerback, defensive tackle, and in my opinion a more solid defensive end. Continue reading


Guns I know I may catch a lot of flak for this but I really don’t care. The big deal lately has been gun control and people getting paranoid that the government was going to come into their home and take their guns away. I am in favor of more strict background checks; I feel that we need to do SOMETHING to make it more difficult to get guns into the hands of people who have no business with them. I also believe the idea that in order to curb gun deaths you do NOT need to add more guns to the equation, on what planet does it make sense to add more of something that’s dangerous to make you safer? That, to me, sounds like saying that you have a problem with pedophiles molesting kids in the area so you’re going to add more pedophiles to try to curb the molestations. Continue reading

Gay Marriage: What’s Right Is Right

marriage-equality-meme-450x448 I might be putting myself out there with this, but it’s my opinion and this is a free country so you have absolutely every right to feel it’s wrong. I will admit to be a pretty liberal guy, yet somehow I get a lot of friends from the opposite side of the aisle. I think this is mainly because I am willing to accept that both sides have their faults and their bright spots. One thing that I feel pretty strongly about is the topic of gay marriage. There are many people who say that it’s a horrible idea for whatever reason, I personally don’t see what their problem is and think this needs to be legalized sooner than later. Continue reading