Stem Cell Therapy: Controversy to Cure

Image  There have been many ailments to come about in the medical field that people believed would be impossible to correct. In recent years there have been different breakthroughs that are allowing people to live longer lives than in the past. One of the more controversial treatments to come along in recent times is the use of stem cells to treat different diseases and deficiencies.( I’ve been a fan of this for a while myself, even more now that they are finding ways to get them without having to harvest them from embryos.(  

One breakthrough to come along is the treatment of neural disorders through Stem Cell therapy. Recent breakthroughs include treating Alzheimer’s in patients have led to recognition and mental function returning in those affected by this heartbreaking disease. ( Another recent study has shown signs of promise in treating epilepsy. ( While they may still be years down the road on that one, it would appear that a cure for epilepsy thru stem cells could very well come to be within the current generation. Currently they’re testing on mice and not humans, but at the same time everything is looking very bright heading forward. ( With any luck this research will continue and eventually lead to treatment for different maladies of any type.

I’ve read that there has actually been positive treatment for people with spinal damage through stem cell treatment in recent testing as well. ( While some people have said it’s nothing more than nerves forcing movement, it would appear that even people who suffer a damaged spinal cord could eventually have the ability to walk again sometime down the road. ( This is one of the more promising treatments as it would change the world on so many levels. While some people in wheelchairs would say they don’t really need to walk again, it would be nice to at least have the opportunity to give them that choice. Another spinal ailment that could possibly be treated would be scoliosis. ( Having dealt with this in my own life, I am hoping for something to come along in this area of study one day in the future.

The last thing I’ll touch on is the obvious vanity of the world, the fact that stem cells could be the answer to many of the appearance issues we suffer as humans. There has already been testing done that would show signs that we could grow teeth and the supporting bone needed to eventually phase out dentures and the far more invasive implant dentistry. ( This would mean the old adage about only getting one set of teeth would become obsolete. Another treatment being looked into is hair regrowth through stem cell treatment. ( With vanity being one of the more common attributes in the world, this would be one of the biggest treatments used by the populace.

There is a scientist, Aubrey de Grey, who is trying to find a way to cure aging through the use of stem cell therapy, which could lead to eternal life down the road. ( ( While I’m not entirely certain this last part will come to pass, I am very hopeful of the neurological treatments, spinal repair, and even the cosmetic enhancements that are undoubtedly on the horizon through stem cells. Sometime down the road we could see cures for blindness ( , hearing loss ( , and treatment for concussions ( . Possibly one of the biggest advancements I’m looking forward to is that one day we could actually use stem cells to cure cancer ( and the dreaded HIV/AIDS virus ( that has plagued humanity for decades. People have said for ages we will never cure many of these ailments because there’s no money in a cure. I, for one, hope this is a step in the right direction to proving these people wrong.

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