Immigration Reform

Immigration Reform

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One of the biggest issues in the United States for the past few years has been immigration reform. There are many people who think that we should send anyone here illegally back home immediately. Another sect of the population would like to see a ruling that allows a full sweeping legalization of those here illegally currently, while making it easier for others to get in legally. I’ve been back and forth on the topic myself for a few years and feel as if I have finally stumbled across an idea that may help with this issue.

I’m certainly not for sending people back across the border without giving them a fair chance to become a naturalized citizen. Honestly, how many of our families would have been here if this had been the way people looked at it all along? I do think we need to allow people a chance to legally become citizens, but I don’t think we should just go the exemption route which would allow all illegals to gain naturalization. If you allow illegal citizens full naturalization you’re just going to have the same problem with companies fishing for illegal aliens to pay low wages to do the jobs nobody else for that money offered.

The way I believe we can correct this major issue is to force companies to pay for the naturalization of illegal workers. If the worker is here and working for a company then they’re added to the program; anyone coming in after this is implemented would qualify as well. The employer would pay all fees required for a worker to become a citizen, paying what they normally would in salary to the workers. Anyone running a business that adhered to this would be granted tax credits for their use of the program; the other side of the equation would be a major fine for not following the rules.

Putting a program like this in place would help to solve the immigration issues we’ve faced in the United States, while also allowing people looking to enter this country the chance become citizens legally. This program would force employers to either pay a fair wage to people already in this country, or pay to get the people who work for a lower wage into the country legally. Once a person has legal status as a United States citizen they’re going to want a better wage, which would mean they either get into another field or their employer would have to raise wages for their workers. While this may not be a flawless program, but it would certainly be a start, and possibly a step in the right direction.


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