Guns I know I may catch a lot of flak for this but I really don’t care. The big deal lately has been gun control and people getting paranoid that the government was going to come into their home and take their guns away. I am in favor of more strict background checks; I feel that we need to do SOMETHING to make it more difficult to get guns into the hands of people who have no business with them. I also believe the idea that in order to curb gun deaths you do NOT need to add more guns to the equation, on what planet does it make sense to add more of something that’s dangerous to make you safer? That, to me, sounds like saying that you have a problem with pedophiles molesting kids in the area so you’re going to add more pedophiles to try to curb the molestations.

To the people who think they need military grade weapons I say go ahead and join the military, otherwise you need to give up that thought. They seem to think they are promised these weapons in case the government decides to take us all hostage, because, you know, one redneck with an M-16 is going to stop a tank. I agree with people being able to have guns for protection of their home and family, but you don’t need an assault rifle (I know, I’ll hear about that term as well) to shoot a burglar in your home, you’re more likely to cause major collateral damage than hitting your target in your hail of gunfire. Also, if you need more than 10 bullets to take down your attacker, you either have horrible aim, or you are shooting a superhuman being and no matter if you had another 20 bullets you aren’t taking down the Incredible Hulk.

I have zero problems with upholding the second amendment and keeping guns available to the public, but you do not need weapons powerful enough to make a nation surrender to your will, I’m looking at you France. I know the other argument is that knives, bats, and whatever other weapon you can imagine will harm people; the difference is that you are far more likely to kill with a gun than other weapons in a large quantity. Remember the mass stabbing in China? How many people died from that versus Columbine, Newtown, Norway, and elsewhere? Much like the Pitbull argument, while they aren’t the only one that causes harm, their propensity to kill is much greater than their counterparts, like it or not. Also like a Pitbull it’s not how you raise them; it’s in their nature to be deadly, plain and simple. Guns were not invented to slow people down, they were invented to kill.

I wish that there were a way to genetically code a gun to the person who owns it, but that would get the conspiracy crew all up in arms, pun completely intended. I also feel that there should be some sort of law that would make a gun owner responsible, to some degree, for what happens when their “stolen” or “lost” weapon. I wouldn’t go so far as charging them with murder, or attempted murder, and locking them behind bars (for the first offense) but I would easily support putting some sort of major fine in place and revocation of gun ownership until you were able to go through extensive safety training. If your gun comes up missing you should have to report it to the police, this way you’re absolved of responsibility if it’s used in a crime. This would also hold true if it’s stolen during a burglary. It may sound a bit extreme to some, but I think that would at least put at least a little bit of a slow down on the wrong people getting their hands on guns.

If I hear the “tell me how laws keep criminals from using drugs” stuff one more time I might just have to find a crazy second amendment enthusiast to shoot me in the head and end my life. Interestingly many of the people who use this argument are, or have, using drugs in their current life. I guess the old it takes one to know one adage is true after all, right? All jokes aside I truly do feel that we need to do something to curb gun violence in our nation, but I also support your right to think that I am a moron and that I don’t know what I’m talking about. You see, this is the difference between me and the almighty NRA; I’m willing to accept an opposing opinion instead of doing everything in my power to bury the other side. I’m not a politician, but I can promise you this, if I ever get the chance to run for any office I will likely never get elected because I refuse to bow down to the massive National Rifle Association.

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2 thoughts on “Ready…Aim…Fire…

  1. If you really believe this propaganda, you are a complete moron!! Yes, guns were created to kill people. Thank God they kill people, because if they didn’t you would not be living in a free country and there would be no controlling the criminals that would like nothing better than to kill you and rape your wife and kids. Pull you head out of the sand, (or more likely your ASS!), forget about all the menial tasks that consume your pathetic, boring, routine day and do some research! Open your tiny mind and try to grasp the reality of the cruel and inhumane world that is around you. This country (or the world) can pass (and spend millions of dollars trying to enforce) all the gun control and restrictions possible and the same opportunist slime balls that are currently selling illegal drugs to our children will CONTINUE to sell guns to criminals. Laws and restrictions are not going to stop criminals from committing crimes WITH GUNS!!!!!!! Only by arming the law biding citizens will we be safe and free. In addition, you apparently have no understanding of why the 2nd amendment was included in the Bill of Rights! That said, the citizens of a free country should be allowed to arm themselves as well as their government is armed. Our freedom was and will continue to be bought with the blood of patriots! God bless those that died for our freedom and God Bless America!!!!

    • I’ll go ahead and allow this to be posted to my page because this is the same narrow minded thinking that makes it impossible to have a serious conversation on anything of this nature. The reason I took a combative stance is because I know for a fact that the people who are so obsessed with carrying military grade weapons will always fight against what the opposition wants to speak. Even if I came off reasonable, level headed, and nice with this I would have had the same comment come up. I’m willing to actually look at both sides of anything, but the gun nuts will never even consider that they may actually be wrong. I don’t think we have to ban guns completely, but at the same we need to do SOMETHING to keep guns out of the hands of mentally challenged people.

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