Gay Marriage: What’s Right Is Right

marriage-equality-meme-450x448 I might be putting myself out there with this, but it’s my opinion and this is a free country so you have absolutely every right to feel it’s wrong. I will admit to be a pretty liberal guy, yet somehow I get a lot of friends from the opposite side of the aisle. I think this is mainly because I am willing to accept that both sides have their faults and their bright spots. One thing that I feel pretty strongly about is the topic of gay marriage. There are many people who say that it’s a horrible idea for whatever reason, I personally don’t see what their problem is and think this needs to be legalized sooner than later.

One major argument is how it will “ruin the sanctity” of marriage. I think that heterosexuals have already done a pretty good job of ruining anything marriage supposedly once stood for in this world. I am turning 30 in just over a month and I can already name a minimum of five people in my life that have been divorced, at least three or four of those came about because of outside interests in other people. I don’t see how allowing two homosexuals who are in love with one another and want to pledge their lives to one another just as their hetero counterparts is going to hurt anyone else who’s already married. If two men or two women want to get married it will in no way hurt my marriage, that’s between them and has absolutely nothing to do with mine.

Another reason people give is that supposedly the bible says that gay people are an abomination and are condemned to hell for their depravity. If that’s true they’ll be going right along with quite a few holy people as well with how the Catholic Church has been touching kids for so many years. I completely understand people having their own religious views, or not having any, but I don’t feel that YOUR personal religious views should be pushed onto anyone else. If Jesus is real, I would think he would want people to live how he lived his life not pass judgment on others because they feel that their interpretation of a book tells them.

One more, and the most absurd in my opinion, reason is that they feel that gay marriage is a “slippery slope” to people marrying horses and other animals. This is beyond moronic, that’s like saying that someone watching normal (well as normal as it can be) porn is automatically going to start raping children because it’s a “slippery slope” from one to the other. I have never been one to stick with this one thing leads to another stuff. Yes, some things may lead to other related things, but it’s not going to push you to something so out of character for yourself. Allowing homosexuals to get married to one another is not going to lead to animal and child marriage for the simple fact that humans aren’t THAT stupid. Sure there are some stupendously idiotic people on this planet but not nearly enough to get something that asinine passed.

As I said before, you have every right in the world to disagree with me and I will respect your ability to that right. I personally think that treating people as equals in all aspects is the right way to live life. I will continue to push for gay marriage legalization not because it’s the “cool” thing, not because it’s some fad of the moment, but because it’s the RIGHT thing in this debate. We shouldn’t keep people from being able to share their love for the rest of their life the same as those of us on the hetero side are capable. In this day and age I personally don’t feel there’s really anything religious about marriage, it’s a legal union between two people who are in love and want to swear their lives to one another forsaking all others. Then again, some of us are better at that last part than others. What’s the worst that could happen if gay marriage is legal, the divorce rate actually goes down under fifty percent for once?

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